Crashing the State:
Activism for All Ages, in All Nations

Sunni Maravillosa

One of my favorite activist groups is Bureaucrash. Originally begun as a guerilla activism group to help spread pro-market and pro-freedom messages on college campuses, its highly effective memes are spreading beyond that demographic and reaching others. Their greatest success to date was the recent counterprotest in Cancun at the WTO talks.

While more staid free-marketeers were trying to engage the WTO wonks to try to persuade them of the folly of their statist, collectivist ways, the Bureaucrashers set out to tweak the protestors. And they did, in fine style, with a variety of very clever techniques that very often turned the protestors' tables against themselves. As one 'crasher reported to me, it was very eye-opening to see their reactions to the Bureaucrashers ... but let's not get ahead of the story.

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