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Letters to the Editor and Feedback

Sunshine Laws Correction

Rating = Average
General Comments = Hello, my name is Nadja Adolf, and Jim mistated what happened.
I noted the anomaly and the fact that a 501c3/501c4 seemed to be on the same website and office space. I first approached a good friend who put me in contact with the SAS hierarchy who were disinterested in researching the matter. The Alameda County NRA Members Council put me in contact with Mr. March when we staffed a booth together for children's BB shooting.
I just mention this because I was appalled that until I met Mr. March no one even seemed interested that the MMM/HCI was ripping the taxpayers off.

I received this note and the following request from Jim March at the same time. The article was corrected immediately, and we apologize for unintentional misunderstanding. - Editor

And from Jim March:
Carl, I have an urgent favor to ask: I need one paragraph of my article corrected.
The offending bit:
[snipped for brevity. - ed.]
I really hope this isn't a problem. My memory of events about two years old failed me.

T-Shirt Cartoon

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = Can we print and post this far and wide? Great stuff!

Tommy says, "Thanks," and to spread the idea as far as possible. I though, would like to add that it would be kind and fair to click that donation button for him if you plan to use his cartoon. - Editor

Burn Out

[...] just burned out. And it must show in my work going by the feedback and lack of donations.
Add all that in with the increasing risk of testing things that go boom in the land of Homeland Security, FBI web surveillance, and snooping neighbors, and I can't see taking the risks. I don't think your readers care about this stuff enough for me to get busted. Hell, did you see the piece about the ATF hitting the guy with federal weapons charges for putting dry ice in a plastic bottle? What are they going to think about home-made guns?
I don't know. Maybe I'll do something for you later. I do have a couple of electronic warfare projects that you might like. Might as well piss off the FCC too.
But is it worth it?
Tom Spooner

I think it is; we'll welcome any piece you want to send. Electronic warfare does sound interesting. But I must admit that your position is understandable. I'm sorry we've been unable to continue paying for your work outright, and even sorrier that the readers haven't been willing to do so either. With some few exceptions, the donation model hasn't been a great success. Even without asking them, I am rather sure that all our writers would have appreciated some fiscal recognition. - Editor

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