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Freedom History


  • 7 1780 - During First American Revolution, American irregulars defeat Tories commanded by Major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of King's Mountain.
  • 9 1974 - F. A. Hayek wins Nobel Prize for economic theory.
  • 10 1973 - Ludwig von Mises dies. Sorely missed.
  • 13 1870 - Albert Jay Nock born. 1991 - Bulgarian communist government tossed; collectivist tradition continues in America.
  • 14 1774 - Adoption of the Declaration of Rights.
  • 16 1773 - In Philadelphia, the first public protest against the Tea Act.
  • 28 1767 - First open resistance to the Townshend Acts.
  • 29 1765 - Sam Adams drafts the Massachusetts Resolves, a natural rights position for inalienable rights to property.
  • 31 1938 - War of the Worlds radio broadcast panics millions of unthinking sheeple.


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