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Letters to the Editor and Feedback

Personal Ads

Dear Editor,
In a recent issue you noted that Doing Freedom would be willing to offer free classified advertising for personals. That was a most generous offer. Would you please advise readers of your specifications and guidelines?
Thank you.
Libertarian lady

Take a look at the classified ads page and the ad placement page. The only difference for noncommercial personals is that you don't have to pay. Just send your ad to me. I'll get it into the next issue. Time permitting, I may even update the classifieds page and get it into the current issue.

One suggestion: Unless you are targeting habitual residents of personal ads, you probably shouldn't use a lot of cryptic acronyms. Use plain language to describe yourself and who you're looking for. Don't sweat the 100 word limit too much; that's mainly a general guide to keeps ads from getting out of hand, than a hard and fast rule.

More Blowguns Feedback

Rating = Excellent
Comments = I hunt squarils with my blowgun and i need a more effective killing pioson to stop them. Please send me some info on the matter at: Golem87@aol.com thank you.

Rating = Good
Comments = I like your article and the way it was written. I am looking for ways to make poison for blow darts, but not to kill, to put to sleep. If you have any suggestions, please write me @ marlboroman4ever@yahoo.com. Also if you have any more home-made dart suggestions. Thank you,


I don't do poisons. Locked N. Loaded is not in contact with us these days. Maybe someone else can help you.

No Rights Zones Feedback

Rating = Good
General Comments = Good ideas...
But I'll stick with mine.

"If you tread on me I'll get knee deep in your _ss." (Seems to work fine)

More and more I seem to be running into these situations. Sooner or later one of them will step up and get knocked right on their _ss.

Sounds good to me.

Costa Ricaaaaaaah!

Dear Editor,
I would like to know how much in US$ would it cost to obtain a costarican citizenship or if that is to much, permanent resident status.
Can one just put it in the bank as a investment or can one just simply put by buying land. Of course with all documentation, attorneys fee, etc. etc.requirements.
Hoping if you could reply soon. Thank you very much for your kind assistance.
Raymond H.

Hi Raymond,

I don't have firsthand knowledge regarding this, but if you follow the links in the article you will find the information you seek. You will need to show financial solvency or set up a business in CR in order to get citizenship.

They're doing exciting things down there, and it seems to be a good place for freedom to blossom. Hope it works out well for you.


Making Mead

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = not sure about bleach & water as sterile substance though!

Tom has expressed a desire to avoid direct communications with readers in the wake of USA PATRIOT. I'll forward your comments, but he may not contact you directly. Your best bet is to watch the Letters to the Editor page and the Comments page for the article.

That said, I brewed beer for several years myself, and usually used the bleach method of disinfecting my stuff. I never lost a batch to contamination.


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