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Networking is important to freedom. But everything simply can't be handled over the Net in forums, email, and articles. Sometimes you have to meet face to face to know who you can trust. And it's fun and relaxing to get together with those whom you do trust. This is the point behind the Liberty Round Table's own annual conclaves.

In an effort to help freedom-minded folks get together, DF! is providing this page. Here you'll hopefully find listings of planned gatherings, and suggestions for gatherings of various sorts in assorted locales.

Unlike our Classifieds page, these listings are free. (For noncommercial evets anyway; if you are planning to charge for attendance, you'll need a regular ad.) No charge. Just send me your ad and contact info, and I'll post it here. Ads should include rough regions, approximate dates, and a deadline for applying for invitation. (And I'll use that deadline as the date to delete your ad from the listings.) If your gathering will have a specific theme or goal, share that with us, too.

As suggested above, you needn't be the planner of an event to have a listing. If you are seeking a freedom conclave, you can also post a notice. Again, no charge.

NOTE! : Doing Freedom! does not guarantee the security of any gathering listed here. Depending on how active you may be (or plan to be, and in what way) - and given the US Feebs new authorization to infiltrate groups and spy upon people who have broken no laws - you should be careful. I recommend that specific locations not be included in your public listings. Attendance should be by invitation only, and invitation based upon some degree of common acquaintance. Use PGP for gathering coordination. Naturally, this need not apply to more traditional "convention" type events.

Strictly on a case-by-case basis, where individuals are known and trusted by myself, I may agree to make informal introductions. Such an introduction does not endorse any particular gathering, nor does it guarantee that you'll get an invitation to a gathering.


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