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Blow Guns

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = I was wondering where I might be able to sell an authentic Poison Arrow Blow Gun from Borneo. I purchased this from a tribesman about 20 years ago. E-bay kicked me off, I should have known, but I'm looking to find this home for a collector. $75.00 comes with 3 arrow darts and waste tube case with carved head plug. Its just under 5 feet and comes in 2 sections. Thank you!
P.S. - You how to make is right on the money and ease of reading!

DF! doesn't have any such stupid restrictions on selling things. Perhaps you'd like to take out an ad with us.
- Carl

Rating = Average
General Comments = i've been hunting the web searching for info on homemade poison dart gunt even thought this was a good peace i have still been unable to find any thing to make the home made poison this artical would have been great if it would have had that lil info in it instead of leaving it out

"that lil info..." Did it occur to you during your search that maybe the subject is a "lil" more complicated than you thought; perhaps that being the reason you can't find the data? If anyone ever offers us a poisons article, I'll consider running it. Till then, I can't publish what I don't have.
- Carl

Here's to Na´vetÚ

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General Comments = Amazing article. I'm gonna take this into consideration for a long time to come.

As should we all.
- Carl

Speed Traps

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General Comments = I totally agree. If really the point is for us drivers to drive safe and slow down, at least give us a warning first. Sometimes i go beyond the limit, over 10 or 20 mph over. But I'm not out there to kill people. Warn me that im going too fast, and I'll keep an eye on my speedometer. Stopping me, asking me to pay big fees, while i was late for work or whatever, after a couple of while, I really could become that "homocidal driver" that they are trying to prevent.

Personally, I think the only thing these gov-sponsored highwaymen want to prevent are empty municipal coffers.
- Carl

Online Anonymity Tools

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General Comments = Thanks, just what I needed.

You're welcome!
- Carl

Pressure Point Awareness

Rating = Bad
General Comments = also in your article you say we use PPCT on "uncooperative "victim." In any case they are not called "victims but suspects. This gives the deminor that we are applying force to someone who is not guilty of commiting a crime. This quote is also flawed. "Your Honor, I was attempting a harmless control tactic addressing the common peroneal when the suspect raised his leg. It isn't my fault my baton contacted the knee, shattering it."

If the Police Officer had to deploye his MEB (Mannodnock Expandable Baton) then the suspect is agressing far beyond the use of pressure point control tactics. The next stwp up from the baton is Lethal/Deadly Force. If it was escalted to that extent then it is the suspects fault.

This article needs a whole makeover. Law enforcement is not bad. Some Officers who do not know how to control themselfes accordingly are the result of law-enforcement getting a bad reputation. If you house is being broken into, who is the first person you call to stop the crime. Not the people who read you articles but the Police Station. Many of Americans today dont understand the freedoms that law enforcement, coast guards, and the military give you. They give you the right to have and bear arms (in accordance with state and federal laws) and to publish articles such as these that make a mocary of law enforcement. With out these rights it would be illegale to publish such or have all of you inalienable rights as an american. You have the right to do what you do and say what you say but look at the prespective of others before you come to your conclusions. As having been city Law enforcement involved, Military, and Military Law enforcement envolved I know where it is! to come from saying law enforcement is just the ability to "practice torture" but in all reality they are the ones we call when we are in trouble or danger. And another note to the aurthor. Many riots erupt from protests and again many innocent lives are lost because of this. In approx 90% of these losses are due to the rioters. Before you go bashing the Law make sure you know the cold hard facts.

LCPL Smith
USMC Military Police

I'm going to throw your last bit of advice at you: Know the facts. Like the facts that I worked security at the federal and state levels, and in the private sector.

My comments regarding "victims" of PPCT are based upon personal observations, news reports, and court findings of excessive force in some cases of PPCT use. And it's fairly difficult to apply pressure to the mandibular angle unless you've already gained significant control over your... "suspect." (And thanks for confirming that presumed innocence is officially out the window in America.)

The excuse for "accidentally" smashing a knee isn't something I dreamed up: It came straight from a PPCT instructor at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth during a formal class. And you are aware that baton strikes are included as part of PPCT?

As for my opinion of LE in general, go check the archives and old JBT awards at North American Samizdat; cold, hard facts.

One reason I turned in my own badge is that most of my fellow officers were either goons themselves, or content to let the goons stomp people.

When I went out to Nevada in 2001, a Washoe County thug threatened to arrest me if he caught me driving my Tennessee-tagged truck on his roads; I'd been there all of two days and hadn't even found an apartment yet. That SOB continued to prowl around, looking for me to pull out of that private parking lot, for a week. No doubt he was just waiting to give me some freedom.

If you're going to wear that Marine uniform, maybe you'd better read that Constitution you swore to uphold; Police -- military or civilian -- don't give rights; by their nature, they violate one's rights... hopefully for a good cause.
- Carl

And again...
Rating = Average
General Comments = A little more information such as pictures describing the proper techniques and an actual picture as to where the nevers can be located would also be very benificail.

With regards
LCPL Smith
USMC Military Poice

That article was not a tutorial on using PPCT; it was an introduction to the subject for people who might find it inflicted upon them, so they'll have a better idea what areas of their bodies they need to protect.
- Carl

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