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Carl Bussjaeger


I recently had an interesting discussion regarding pen-names. Someone who believes she's quite familiar with my writing style has been trying to pick out articles on the 'Net by me under other names. She decided that one of DF!'s regulars is none other than yours truly. She guessed wrong. I chalk it up to my editing, which may impart a little of my own literary favor to other works, and the fact that I probably tend to pick up writers who think a little like myself anyway. That I also do most article graphics, regardless of writer, may figure in, too.

I freely admit that I do write some articles here under psuedonyms; generally, when I want to flesh out an issue without appearing to write the whole thing. At least one alias is pretty darned transparent, but no one has called me on that one.

How 'bout a little contest (prize to be dreamed up later) to see who can spot the most of my nyms in DF!, back and current issues? One point for each correct guess, and one point off for each incorrect guess; one entry person. Let's see how obvious I am. I'll announce the winner in the September issue. Send your guesses HERE.

On a less happy note, it seems that a friend of freedom -- and mine own -- is very ill. Dan Weiner, whom many of you may know from the Pink Pistols, Liberty Round Table, or The Libertarian Enterprise, has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. If you're inclined towards prayer, send one out for Dan. There's also a fund being set up to pay his medical expenses; more info here.

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Carl Bussjaeger

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