PVC Air Rifle
Ed Lewis


Parts List
  • Schedule 40 PVC:
      1/2" x 2' pipe (barrel)
      1/2" x 1' pipe (stock)
      1/2" x 6" pipe (shoulder)
      1/2" x 3" pipe (plenum access)
      3/4" x 6" pipe (breech cover)
      1/2" male thread adapter (2 each)
      1/2" elbow (2 each)
      2" x 9" pipe (air plenum)
      2" to 1" flush bushing (plenum cap/access)
      1" to 1/2" flush bushing (plenum cap/access)
      2" cap (plenum cap)
  • 1/2" female ball valve (trigger)
  • inflation valve (plenum pressurizing valve)
  • PVC solvent
  • RTV adhesive

Deburr all pipe sections.

Cut 4" slot into upper side of barrel pipe. This is your loading breech.

Drill a 3/8" hole in 2" cap. Apply RTV adhesive to flange of inflation valve. Install valve in hole from inside the cap.

[image available in subscriber edition]

Assemble all parts per diagram. All PVC-to-PVC fittings should be cemented using the PVC solvent. DO NOT apply solvent to the 3/4" x 6" pipe section; this is the breech cover and must be able to slide.


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