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Freedom History


  • 7 1794 Whisky Rebellion breaks out in Pennsylvania
  • 8 1776 Declaration of Independence signed
  • 14 1765 Sam Adams leads first mob against enforcers of the Stamp Act
  • 19 1841 John Tyler vetoes bill to The Fiscal Bank of the U. S. on the grounds of its unconstitutionality
  • 21 1792 Albert Gallatin drafts resolutions detailing resistance to the Excise Tax at a Pittsburgh convention
  • 24 1814 British forces burn down White House
  • 26 1765 Radicals opposing the Stamp Act gather around bonfires and shout for Liberty and Property!
  • 30 1979 President Carter attacked by a rabbit on a canoe trip in Plains, Georgia
  • 31 1974 President Richard Milhouse Nixon resigns


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