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The Editor's Corner

Carl Bussjaeger

Happy days! I've managed my second consecutive monthly issue. I've even been fortunate enough to get more material for it.

Spooner is still hanging with us making things go bang. We've got help in choosing tools of liberty from Columba. Russmo has generously shared another insightful cartoon. And a new artist wants to give him a little competition. Better still, Joe Six-Pack is back this month. The Freedom Advisor fields a critique of opting out in favor of getting elected and comments on patriotism versus freedom. And we've inaugurated a new feature- a free listing of freedom gatherings, a la LRT Conclaves. Better yet, Nathan barton is poised to free us of my SF short fiction with a three-part tale.

And since I want to continue this trend, let me now beg for more articles. DF! needs your help, your expertise, your writing.


I'm constantly looking for freedom-related articles, fiction, and artwork. Our readers are specifically interested in anything that will help them along the road to unsubscribing. If you've done it and it worked, share some tips. If you tried and it left something to be desired in the success category, let us know what to avoid. Take a look at DF!'s writer's guidelines for more information on sending us articles.

In other news, I've returned from this year's LRT Conclave. While great fun, it also proved to be the most peculiar conclave I've attended. Read more about that here.


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