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Libert Round Table Conclave 2002

Carl Bussjaeger

Another Liberty Round Table Conclave has come and gone. We're left with memories and the anticipation of next year.

Getting to this year's Conclave in southern Colorado was half the fun. Not.

Personally, I lost way too much time and money when my vehicle's fuel pump decided that 160,000 miles was more than it had contracted for. Bummer.

But eventually I arrived at the wonderful location which had been arranged by dedicated LRTer Nathan Barton (one of this month's writers for DF!). He and his wonderful wife coordinated with their neighbors to get us a large piece of wooded land on which to camp, socialize, eat.... and shoot!, of course.

There was lots of shooting. Writer and firearms combat instructor Boston T. Party once again honored us with his presence, and conducted his usual fantastic combat hangun and rifle courses.

Free Plug: Boston runs one of the best sets of firearms courses I've ever attended, either as military, cop, or honest civilian. His emphasis on malfunction drills alone is going to save lives. Take his classes, and the life you save may be yours. You can contact Boston at javelinpress@yahoo.com, with the subject "course info request". If you prefer encrypted email, write him at javelinpress@mailvault.com, with the same subject. For the latter, you'll naturally need to open a free MailVault account.

Amidst all the fun, though was some consternation and annoyance. And more. Theories about her aberrant behavior abound (I tend towards the 'paranoid schizophrenic with feddie ties' version myself), but whatever the cause, one of the neighbors did cause trouble.

My first hint of what was up came during Boston's rifle course, when a local sheriff's deputy arrived to investigate a report of fireworks being set off. Normally I think fireworks are wonderful, but with a good bit of Colorado already being incinerated by the feddies and the locale powder magazine-dry, we avoided their use.

To give the deputy credit, he didn't even blink upon being greeted by a large, furry guy in shorts, lots of pro-freedom and RKBA buttons, and a .45 autopistol, backed by the LRT banner and Gadsden flag. He just wanted to know about fireworks. So I explained that we weren't using any.

Blam! Blam! Blam!

"And what's that?" the deputy wondered.

I shrugged. "Mostly FALs."

He decided that since it was just guns, not fireworks, he had no further business with us.

Sadly, the meddling, hoplophobic, paranoid weasel who started the trouble had no problem continuing her harassment. During the course of the conclave she reported us to any public agency which didn't flat out tell her to go to just go away. Reports ranged from "50 drunken maniacs wandering the woods with M-16s" to "60 camouflage-clad militiamen prowling around with machineguns and planning to attack Mesa Verde". Darned if I know what we were supposed to have wanted with Mesa Verde. And I can't even afford a machinegun, much less the ammo to feed it. The only cammies I recall were one boonie hat and a desert BDU smock worn one evening against the mountain chill. Go figure.

This idiot also contacted one neighbor who had allowed us the use of his land. As a result of the lies told, he withdrew that permission, causing everyone to break camp and relocate. But we still managed to have fun.

The busybody further managed to cause Nathan and Debby some personal difficulties. Still, as one LRTer said, we have the satisfaction of knowing that she'll burn in hell for bearing false witness. I'm not normally religious, but I could make an exception for that.

As guest speaker, Boston largely deferred to Nick of Bulletproof Me, a company which sells body armor. He gave us some excellent information on the latest ballistic armor available. His company carries a very nice assortment of concealable and tactical ballistic gear. You can learn more at: Bulletproof Me; tell him DF! sent you.

On the Fourth, we enjoyed the traditional great meal from Don Lobo Tiggre and Sunni Maravillosa, and likewise their stirring speeches. I believe that a transcript of Sunni's speech is forthcoming at the LRT website, but the gist was that freedom is not dead, we just have to work at it.

The meal itself was filet mignon. With his excellent trained palate, Lobo was not entirely pleased with the steaks. I, though, quite enjoyed it.

Ward's chili was enjoyed by all again this year. He made only a single, non-incendiary batch, though. Perhaps his taste buds are rejuvenating.

During all this, we had books bought and sold, Snolfs played with, LRT pins disbursed, friendships made and renewed, flying dining pavilions, and - oddly enough - not nearly enough rain. After last year's brief monsoon, this probably sounds odd, but southern Colorado needs all the rain it can get right now.

I sure am looking forward to next year's conclave.


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