The Case of the Cockamamie Killer
John Michaels

David Blade's murder mystery is a madcap look into the world of the IRS. Start with a rough, tough hard-boiled detective novel, add three cups of conspiracy theory, three more of income tax avoidance, a heavy dose of caricaturization, and a dash of mescaline; the result might not be quite to your taste, but you won't be bored.

An income tax lawyer is killed, and it's left to his favorite temp in the firm's typing pool to track down the killer. Very quickly everyone is encouraging the typist to drop the case, prodded by the IRS. Why?

As implied, every character in Killer is a caricature. The scenario, action, and dialogue are all over the top. If you're into mysteries, and enjoy heavy parody, this tale will appeal to to you. If the cocktail party dialogue in Rand's Atlas Shrugged annoyed you, you'll thoroughly enjoy the Sunday brunch spoof. If the IRS' continuous failure to update their computer systems has you shaking your head, you'll laugh out loud at the infowar elements of Killer.

If you don't share the taste for Pratchett-style over-the-top humor, The Case of the Cockamamie Killer may leave you cold; but if you like to read The Onion, you'll be fine.

It's even possible that you could use this book as a freedom outreach tool. It just might open the eyes of the brainlessly clueless drones who believe it when the socialists tell them they owe their 'fair share' of taxes. But don't bother giving a copy to a real socialist.

Here's a fast, easy read. The good guy is good (if a little odd). The bad guys are very bad (and even odder). Justice triumphs (more or less). There's even an interesting little technique for making untraceable bank withdrawals. Check it out.

Killer is available only direct from the publisher at this time. Hopefully, that will change soon.

The Case of the Cockamamie Killer
by David Blade
Browdix Press
Available at:
202 pp.
$16.95 (plus $3.95 S&H)

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