The Editor's Corner
William Theron

I'm happy to report that we have another issue here you you, and I think you'll find some interesting and useful material in it. We have several new authors this time, and I think you'll like their work. Richard Rieben has an analysis of the freedom movement's strategies and one an editorial about the nature and path of the movement. Columba returns again with a review of Boston T. Party's recently-released novel Molon Labe! and another shooting challenge. Carl Bussjaeger, our former editor, has a way to help out Jeff "Hunter" Jordan and have some fun at the same time. Rachel Kielsky has offered some thoughts from her experience in homeschooling, and another newcomer, Tom Bridgeland, has a good how-to on making a living in Japan by teaching English. Cat Farmer asks some questions about how freedom activists act. Our publisher, Sunni Maravillosa, has thoughts and ideas about the status of ID in a libertarian society. Tom Spooner is also back with the final part of his series on RPGs. Last, but not least, Ian (another new writer for us) shares the results of his testing on an AK-47.

Unfortunately, my plan to raffle off some ammo has fallen through, for a number of reasons. I'll keep working on it, though. You may see it -- or something similar -- next issue.

We are always looking for more articles for publication. For the next issue (June 15), I would really like to have more info on homeschooling and mostly-self-sufficient living. I would really like DF! to be a repository of useful information for prospective gulchers. Of course, we will still be running articles on a variety of other topics as well.

One of the most promising prospects for getting more physical freedom in the coming years lies in the creation of free communities wherein people can sidestep regulations and restrictions by getting what they need from cooperative freedom-seekers. Hopefully, DF! can help out such projects.

But enough from me. You're here to see the articles, not listen to my rambling. So until next time, keep up the fight!


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