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Blow Guns

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellentexcellent excellent excellent
385 iterations snipped]
excellent excellent excellentexcellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent

Well, I'm glad you liked it, but maybe you need to cut back on the caffeine. <grin>
- Carl

Alert List

Rating = Good
General Comments = You should have mentioned that they feel they have a right to spam anyone that jumps through their hoops to get whitelisted. Other than that, it was a good article.

I went into that extensively in the linked article. Since it was linked, and this article was specifically about the DF! list, I chose not to push that point any harder.
- Carl

Battle Rifles

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = Any comments on the Stoner AR-25? Have they improved on the reliability issues of the AR-10 offered by Armalite?

I don't have any personal experience with the Stoner SR-25, but what I've read indicates that they are no more reliable than the AR-10. You might check with the folks at www.biggerhammer.net; they know a lot more about the Stoners than I do.
- Columba

Freedom Advisor

Rating = Bad
General Comments = please help me i need info on freedom in canada!!!! my e-mail is alannaritchie@hotmail.com

Some of our material is applicable to Canada. Some is even specific to Canada. Check the Subject Index. And can anyone else help this person?


Rating = Good
general comments = I disagree with the statement about laqured cases, " but it is nasty lacquered steel-cased stuff that can cause excessive wear and malfunctions. Your rifle deserves better." I believe that if you clean any weapon properly after using it , that the laquered steel cases shouldn`t be a problem.Also, Russian weapons were designed to use this type of ammunition therefore I think that Russian ammo should only be used in Russian weapons , for Com-bloc weapons are basically disposable weapons , but are quite reliable and their looser tolerences are made for the ammunition they manufacture.

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