Freedom's Friends

Last month, I published a plea for assistance to save Doing Freedom! from a financial crisis. The fine people listed below came to our rescue.

These people aren't alone; others helped out in the past, too. I hadn't previously acknowledged the others because I meant to protect their privacy. But this time I stated my intent to publicly thank our benefactors, so I'm free to do so.

These friends got DF! past the immediate crisis, but we still have a continuing, monthly need for assistance. Expenses continue, and I want to pay our writers. Currently there appears to be little interest in a subscription version of DF!, so I'll continue to ask for voluntary assistance: If you value what we offer, consider compensating us for our time and resources.

Thank you very much.

Honor Roll

Trevor Crosse
Dan Weiner
Robert Van Putten
Christopher Miller
Joel Simon
Free Willie
"Simon Jester"
Emily Sandblade
Stephen Carville
Bradley Felton
Robert Tipton

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