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When responding to a classified ad, send e-mail to sunni@free-market.net, with the Box letter in the subject line.



WANTED: 10" barrel for a Dan Wesson .44 magnum target pistol. Also want brass in .45 Win Mag. Write to DF Box J.


Services offered:

COPY EDITING, other writing and editorial services offered; professional work at discount prices. See http://www.angelfire.com/solana/



Y2K: The Millennium Bug. Autographed copies of this 1999 Prometheus Award finalist for sale for $10 (S&H included). Y2K may have dated the story line, but this suspenseful thriller will always be a great outreach tool that gets people to think about freedom. Order now while supplies last! Write to DF Box A for ordering information.

Kings of the High Frontier available in print! Yes, Victor Koman's space race psychological thriller is available in a fine hardback edition, with a limited number of signed copies. DF! editors highly recommend this book! For ordering information, see http://www.bereshith.com/



New Internet Startup: E-Barricades. Huge potential for profit, freedom and fun! For investment and other information, see http://www.e-barricades.com/

Buy Doing Freedom PCB bonds! Do Freedom, Teach Freedom, and Make Money! Only 10,000 left (one dollar face value). Contact DF Box B for more info, or see our business plan.



Wanted: used baby furniture, other supplies in good condition. Especially needed: a porta-crib. Terms considered: buy, loan, or accept freebies (yes, they'll take the stuff off of your hands for good!). Contact DF Box BB.


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