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hippie peace symbolWe all believe in “peace.” Of course, that means different things to different people. Marxists want peace. So do Islamists. Their idea of peace involves you — as a slave. Various hippies, lefties, and academics think the path to peace is to appease. Calmer heads — Teddy Roosevelt swinging his Big Stick of a Navy; Kipling explaining the philosophy of Dane-Geld; Churchill exploding over Chamberlain’s cave at Munich; Reagan turning back his opponents’ unilateral nuclear disarmament and Nuclear Freeze proposals — know that peace is best gained from a negotiating position that can be respected.

Like at your opponent’s throat. Peace, as we say, through superior firepower.

Vocal peaceniks -- sponsored by the NKVD -- predate the Vietnam War

Vocal peaceniks — sponsored by the NKVD — predate the Vietnam War

In the 1960s, the patchouli-and-hemp-scented hippies came out with the peace symbol, which has been the calling card of fuzzy-thinking utopians everywhere. “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” was the glib line of various well-to-do ingrate spratlings. They intended to be the nobodies in question, no matter how many of the less well-off, less self-absorbed, and perhaps more loyal to something greater than self, were going to have to show up in their place. So that was the line of 1968, at least, in those places where the line wasn’t “Gooks in the wire! Ammo up!” It was intoned from behind college lecterns, printed on posters and t-shirts, and, most often, intoned with confused profundity in voices hoarsened by cannabis sativa. 

To give you an idea of just how lame that line was, some LA businessman put it in a song and the song was recorded by a bunch of session men for the fake music group, the Monkees, which were, amusingly enough, fake Yout’ Authenticity produced by a bunch of fiftysomething cigar-chomping corporate middlemen and lawyers in Los Angeles, to answer the question: “if we made a completely phony group, but advertised the hell out of it, could it get really big? Are our customers, the baby boomers, that stupid?” The war protest song was not a Number 1, but several other songs, which were written and recorded by a variety of studio pros and mimed-to by the Monkees, did. Question answered.

It didn’t take long for the symbol to be hijacked from its bong-sucking originators and modified with the legend, Peace Through Superior Firepower.

peace through superior firepower

footprint of the american chickenNot long after that there was a variant describing the original Peace Symbol, cruelly but accurately, as The Footprint of the American Chicken. (Accurately? Yes. The principal driver of the Vietnam War protests of 1966-71 was young men who feared being drafted. As soon as Nixon wound down the draft, the protests evaporated, except for a few diehards who would protest Christmas if it wasn’t cold out that time of year. Once liberal white college students didn’t have to risk going in the Army or Marines with poor people, they lost interest in protesting).

The usual commies, not aging well at all.

The usual commies, not aging well at all.

In fact, you couldn’t throw a rock at a “peace rally” without hearing that the real issue was the fact that people from Scarsdale and Brentwood were subject to having their kids’ pink bodies in the line of fire, and they were most absolutely not down with that. Military service was (and still is) for the other guy. The peaceniks even then had the media, and the universities, but in the part of the country that was neither radical-chic media land nor pointy-headed Tenurestan, their peace symbols continued to draw a public backlash… a backlash of ridicule. Hit “more” to see some of our favorites.

It didn’t take long for Peace Through Superior Firepower to find expression in a B-52 silhouette. This was particularly amusing, as the B-52 was particularly loathed by the NVA, and therefore by their Soviet sponsors, and therefore by the Soviet-sponsored “peace movement” in the USA.



trikeforpeaceMeanwhile the peaceniks didn’t give up. Here they are protesting that warmonger of mongers, Jimmy Carter, the only President of the United States to have considered requesting surrender terms from a swimming rabbit (we are not making this up, at least not the swimming rabbit terrorizing Jimmah bit).

The “Nuclear Freeze” movement these aging hippies represent was conceived, organized, funded and coordinated from the Lubyanka. It collapsed when the former USSR cut back on funding dezinformatsiya and agents of influence in the early 90s.

Peace-Through-Superior-FirepowerThe B-52 style peace sign appeared in many different colors and designs. The one on the right is similar to the first one we ever saw, way back aroun 1970. People were already pretty sick of hippies and protesters then.

peace_through_superior_firepower_bumper_bumper_stickerThis two-color bumper sticker expresses the same sentiment. The hippies are all now 70 and glad Medicare is picking up their prescription costs. But the B-52 soldiers on! Nuclear bombers 1, hippies 0.

There are a lot of B-52 peace signs out there, but we’ve also seen them substitute in other planes, like a B-2 Spirit.

But our favorite version of the B-52 peace symbol is a more recent one, noting that the Stratofortress is still rocking at 50:


It’s not just planes, either. We’ve seen peace symbols made from guns, too, like these:

handgun peace


We’ve seen that with a bunch of different gun silhouettes, but these Desert Eagles are one definition of superior firepower.

Now, making the peace sign from bullets is an enigmatic approach. Are you saying “Peace through superior firepower,” or “We have beaten our swords into plowshares?” It’s kind of meta.













There are almost as many versions of the martial peace symbol as can be imagined. This one here steps away from the classic hippie-peace-symbol design, and speaks to us as fans of the early M16 series rifles:



Peace, out.

(We had to say that).

13 thoughts on “Improved Peace Symbol

      1. Aesop

        Not hardly.
        I’m referring to the ones in Berkeley and Cambridge.
        Unlike with the former Soviets, we’re still paying for their mischief today.

        1. Hognose Post author

          And part of the problem is that, thanks to so many well placed people having been fellow travelers, they have never borne the stigma that the other left-wing nightmare ideology does. You don’t dare rise up today in politics and admit you were a member of Kuhn’s German-American Bund, or Mosley’s British Union of Fascists, or Quisling’s Nasionalsamling. But you can be a former member of the Weather Underground, the Baader-Meinhof Gang, or turn up on a KGB Agents of Influence payroll, and you have a named chair at a university, or a senior job in government.

          Lenin was right that we’d sell them the rope. He just never figured his followers would be too retarded to tie the knot.

          1. Y.

            Have you read Anthony C. Sutton’s books on how Soviet industrialization was effectively possible only due to foreign expertise – American engineers effectively built the all USSR major tank plants – Russians did only the low level, not so skilled work.

            Same seems to be the case for most of their heavy and manufacturing industry, save certain cannon works which had been built before WWII.

      2. Hognose Post author

        For all the problems the Soviet system caused the US, UK and Western Allies, it’s nothing to what they caused themselves and their slave states.

        The thing that always amazed me is that someone could grow up in the US, UK, Canada or what have you, and have a life-changing experience reading Das Kapitäl as a freshman, and never look at, “Hey, how are the people doing where they say they take this silly book seriously?”

  1. Y.

    Problem of being drafted into Army isn’t poor people. It’s the same thing as in every mass organisation – people of mediocre smarts firmly convinced they’re god’s gift to the human race.

    1. Hognose Post author

      In the US we have a serious problem with people born into a de facto aristocracy who are unaware they are not as intelligent as everyone has been telling them are since infancy.

      1. Y.

        Yeah, I noticed. The journalist class is… ugh. You also have the other problem – the Dunning-Kruger effect is as valid in the US as elsewhere.

        they are not as intelligent as everyone has been telling them are since infancy.

        One should never tell one’s kids they’re smart – it’s the worst thing one can do. Then if they fail, they’ll think they’re stupid, that is bad, and so they won’t try to do much ‘unknown’ stuff. Can lead to procrastination, avoiding work to avoid making mistakes – which is a seriously bad habit.

        Praising hard work when necessary.. essential also.

        Problem of aristocrats in male-dominated societies is that they don’t tend to choose smart wives.
        Intelligence regresses towards the mean of one’s ancestors.
        So an heir or a self-made men who marries a pretty but vapid woman is effectively dropping his children on their heads. There is genetic variance, but you can pretty much avoid that by having children with a smart woman.

        Had the aristocracy, in the past, truly engaged in breeding superior people, not just due to titles, but also inherited qualities, they’d still be in power. Same as if Spartans somehow managed to successfully export their model of society elsewhere – but they stayed parochial and that doomed them in the long run.

  2. K

    I was at a major college during the riots and demonstrations. The SDS and their far left fellow traveling organizations collapsed once the draft was effectively terminated by Nixon. It wasn’t about peace, it was always about the draft.

    1. Hognose Post author


      It also depended on what campus you were on, what major, etc. friend of mine, now a patent lawyer, came back from a tour in an A-camp in 1968 and went straight to Berkeley. I asked him , when I learnt this, if the protests were a problem.

      He said they never disrupted the STEM classes successfully. When SDS or someone occupied a building, the physics profs had set a rally point and class continued under a tree or the open sky.

  3. 13times

    John Milius used the peace sign, added nacelles and stamped it on Apocalypse Now.

    Check the youtube interview: Apocalypse Now – John Milius interviewed by Francis Ford Coppola

    13:20 minute mark

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